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Extended Consultation

Although detailed and quality evaluation and treatment is provided at every visit in our office, for certain patients with a very complex medical history, it can make a big difference to have an extended visit in order to fully address their needs. For those patients, our Extended Consultation provides in one visit what would be accomplished across multiple standard visits. 

Due to the length of the visit, the Extended Consultation is NOT covered by insurance and is a self-pay service.

The Extended Consultation includes but is not limited to

  • 3-5 hours of time with a Family Osteopathy physician

  • A detailed history and physical exam

  • Diagnostic ultrasound

  • Creation of a detailed treatment plan

  • Time spent treating the problems found during the physical exam with osteopathic manipulative medicine to the tolerance of the patient


The Extended Consultation does NOT include any injections or other self-pay services.

Please call our office to inquire further about this service.

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